How I came to this step.

I often sit and muse on how I became deep into debt. I left home when I was 16 with no idea on how to budget. I had started working at McDonald’s when I left school and got the job because I was keen. I worked there for two years and some weeks spent the money before it even landed in my purse. Eventually, I became poorly and my doctor signed me off and I haven’t really worked since.

I began sliding into debt when I got an unarranged overdraft and in those days you would get charged £30 a day and the debt rocketed until I ended up owing £2350 on overdraft charges.

Then I began taking out sim card contracts and I could never time things right and I would spend the money in one go. In the end, it escalated into about £10k debts.

Letters would drop onto my doorstep day after day. The fear began escalating and I buried my head in the sand. Until I logged on to a credit score checking sight and realized my score was in double figures. “99”. I almost burst into tears. I know the score doesn’t matter in the scheme of things but I know for a fact that my financial history is in the toilet and things need to improve.

I am beginning a part time college course in October and will be studying to be a solicitor. Eventually, I would like to own my home. That isn’t going to happen if I am waist deep in debt.

So I plan to follow David Ramseys Baby Steps and hope that next year I will almost debt free.

The first step is to knock Baby Step 1 out of the park.


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